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    设计师: 王锦阳





    Design philosophy:

    The service object of the project is mainly focus on 20-40 young age group. The designer implies that the space will be younger, listen to people's pure imagination, depict their childlike innocence and dreams, let beauty infiltrate their souls in different forms, let them relax their present stopping time in the "dreamland" and talk in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

    Design instructions:

    The lobby uses large-scale hand-painted ocean fish flocks and floating umbrellas in the sky to construct a magic scene that matches the sea and sky, and forms a contrast between the fish flying in the sky through different realities to guide customers into this fantastic world. Walking into the center, the discussion sector can be divided into three themes: 1. Geometric Kingdom: geometric graphics glass screen composed of color collision jumping and random cutting, which ingeniously weakens and harmonizes the relationship between sofa and bookcase with high color saturation. The collision between geometric patterns and colors not only enlivens the space atmosphere, but also increases the interest of space. 2.the Foam Ocean: the chandelier over the sand table is like the foam in the waves and the blue waves in the background of the negotiations. It creates waves of waves and bubbles, and if the sunlight shines, the sparkling shadows will enhance the atmosphere of the dreamland. 3. Tree House in the Forest: The original pillars of the building are at both ends of the building. In order to balance the visual effect, the additional pillars and the book structure of the top eaves form two independent tree houses, which are matched with giant flower art, just like the hidden tree house found by chance in the mysterious forest. It is amazing and fantastic. Combining the existing structures and details in the space skillfully, thus completing the composition and division of the whole space, and deepening the theme with the installation works of childlike innocence and fantasy. Ultimately, it forms a dreamland which is independent of others, unique,free and relaxed.

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